Equity for the CS community

Don’t settle for one chance to IPO. Help more teams, and get more exposure by becoming a CS Angel.

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What We Do

We specialize in
Net Revenue Retention (NRR)

We've been there, done that and know what it takes to improve NRR.


We provide CS experts with opportunities to invest in new technologies that deliver solutions to improve Net Revenue Retention. We make it easy to invest via our syndicate.  

Pay It Forward

We can only invest on behalf of accredited investors so we match our experts with the opportunity to educate the CS leaders of tomorrow on equity and fundraising, promoting DE&I in tech.

2022 was a reality check for the tech community. Growth at all costs is ineffective and Net Revenue Retention (NRR) has secured its place as the north star metric for growing companies. The people most in line to drive NRR are CS leaders and we need to maximize the tech to help deliver this.

What Our Angels Have To Say

“I want to invest but I don't have time to find and chase down new opportunities. Investing in the CS Angel syndicate makes it easier and less risky for me.”

Alex Farmer

“I would like to put my money where I know it can do something. Being a CS Angel allows me to do that. ”

Kristi Faltorusso

“Being a CS Angel allows me to be part of something bigger by paying it forward while making my money work for me.”

Anika Zubair

“When you join a start up, you put in a lot of work for only one chance to receive equity. Being a CS Angel provides more opportunities to do this. ”

Rosie Roca

“I love advising new CS technologies. Being a CS Angel provides a structured way to provide feedback. It's the ultimate Customer Advisory Board for CS start ups.”

Jennifer Cramer

“CS Angel is an incubator program for the next wave of CS tech. I'm excited to be a part of the movement and receive a first look at new products designed to improve our ecosystem.”

Rachel Orston

“CS Angel helps leaders answer the question 'what’s next', not only for the CS industry but also for themselves and their careers.”

Hannah Thompson

“Customer Success is finally being recognized for its importance in the start up ecosystem and some of the best new startups will be created solving problems in this space. Being a CS Angel allows me to help support the next generation of incredible companies solving key issues related to customer success, the customer experience and ultimately sustainable growth for more new companies.”

Megan Bowen

“Equity conversations can be very 'hush hush' and it's hard to know what to ask for and what to expect if you're a new leader. As a CS Angel, I can share my experience with new leaders and receive opportunities to advise and invest in the CX world.”

Thomas Wirth
VP Education

“I’m interested in providing feedback to the next gen of CS tech but it’s hard to coordinate. CS Angel provides an organized approach for me to do this while expanding my network with peers in the industry.”

Chad Horenfeldt
Head of Customer Success

“We can only truly empower CS teams when we provide them with the right tools to be successful. CS Angel connects highly skilled operators with the ability to advise and invest in technology that creates a better future for CS teams.”

Aaron Thompson

“What excites me about CS Angel is not only the opportunity to share in the growth of CS tech, but also the opportunity to intimately understand and advise the next generation of innovative companies.”

Matthew Collier

"Success is not achieved alone, it takes the collective efforts of a supportive community to turn an idea into a flourishing enterprise. CS Angel provides a platform for like-minded Customer Success leaders to come together and use their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to help guide the next generation of innovation"

Seth Dovev
Senior Director Customer Success

“When your goal is to WOW your customers, you need tech that can push the boundaries of innovation. That's why I'm so excited about CS Angel...now we can be the collective voice of our customers to drive new technologies that will help our teams deliver greater value.”

Mary Poppen

“Those that know me already know how passionate I am about fostering leadership. What better way than to do so within my own CS/PS/CE community? I'm excited to share knowledge and also continue learning via CS Angel”

Chad Greenleaf
SVP Client Services

"The greatest gift I was given was knowledge and experience.  CS Angel allows me to do the same for the next generation of CS leaders & platforms.

Wayne McCulloch

“Technology is founded on the principle of solving complex problems. CS Angel allows me to invest my money in organizations that could reshape the future of SaaS while closing the DEI gap on a larger scale.”

Rochelle Sheralds
Senior Director Customer Success

"I'm thrilled to be able to give back and support those who are moving the field forward.  The tools that enable CSMs to drive NRR will be the future of the SaaS economy.

Rachel Provan
CS Leadership Coach

"As a CS Angel, I have the privilege of being immersed in my love for innovative technology and the prospect of broadening my horizons by forging connections with individuals who prioritize Cx. CS Angel represents a unique forum where pioneers and visionaries in customer service converge to cultivate the most cutting-edge technological concepts and make them a reality."

Yair Bortinger 
Head of CS Operations

"I had been looking for a place to connect with other founders, network with the best-of-the-best in our market, and have the opportunity to guide and advise others in their forward progress. CS Angel is the perfect place to accomplish all of these goals, both for me and my own company. 

Hudson Lofchie
Cx Ops Consultant

How It Works



Join the Waitlist to help us determine what type of services you would be interested in receiving from CS Angel. If you are accepted as an investor, we'll invite you to participate on deal discussions via our private Slack Channel.


We assess investment opportunities based on people, product, financial and legal review of the companies looking for angels. We hold quarterly demo days where we present new investment opportunities.  We handle all the investment paperwork for you to sign via Carta, you choose how much you want to invest into each deal and transfer funds by Wire.


Share your expertise with Founders and individuals looking for a helping hand. Give back to the community via  bi-monthly enablement Webinars to demystify the world of equity and fundraising.

Successful companies are 
built by successful customer teams improving NRR

Here's some evidence to back us up 😇


NRR compounds over time. Each marginal 20% increase in NRR doubles company ARR in 5 years.


Valuation metrics of a  company with high retention rates can be twice as much as a company with average rates.


~70% of public cloud companies include NRR  in their SEC filings.


Recent filings show companies in the top half of NRR performance have an average EV / Revenue multiple of ~21x, while those in the bottom half show only ~10x.